Teaching Staff

Senior Staff

Mrs Ferens - Headteacher

Mrs Ferens – Headteacher

Mrs Gould

Mrs Gould – Deputy Headteacher

Little Acorns FSN

Mrs Humphrey

Mrs Julia Humphrey

Mrs Sharon Darke

Mrs Sharon Darke


Miss Dove

Miss Dove D3

Miss Jaffe

Miss Jaffe D2 (M, T)

Mrs Wilsker

Mrs Wilsker D2 (W, Th, F)

Mrs Sarah Gavaghan

Mrs Gavaghan D1

Key Stage One

Mrs Hunt

Mrs Hunt C4

Mrs Prinsloo

Mrs Prinsloo C1

Mrs Mayfield

Mrs Mayfield C3

Mrs Parry

Mrs Parry D4 (M, T, Th, F)

Miss Amy Hanson (covering Mrs Thomson's maternity leave)

Miss Amy Hanson C2 

Mrs Thompson

Mrs Thompson D4 (W)

Year 3/4

Mrs Mordue

Mrs Mordue A4

Mrs Husband

Mrs Husband A3

Miss O'Connell

Miss O’Connell A1

Miss Zoe Wythe

Miss Zoe Wythe A2

Karen Recchia

Mrs Recchia B1

Mr Johnson

Mr Johnson B6

Mr Iain Woodward

Mr Iain Woodward B5

Mrs Rorich

Mrs Rorich B2

Mr Travis

Mr Travis B3

Mr Sharpe

Mr Sharpe B4

Additional Teaching Staff

Mrs Johnson FSR

Miss Walls

Mrs Casewell Y5/6

Mrs Donovan

Mrs Donovan Y5/6

Mr Paul Davies (Copy)

Mr Davies – Sports

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